The GLX platform will assist in the transformation of the global LNG market
into a more efficient and liquid market.

The Platform

GLX is an online transaction platform that allows members to buy or sell physical cargoes of LNG.


Benefits of the platform

  • Efficiency

    Reduces transaction times for individual cargo sales from weeks to days

  • Transparency

    Provides a transparent, competitive and objective process for spot LNG sales, based on an online trading system

  • Value

    Ensures fair market-based prices for sellers and buyers which reflect LNG supply and demand fundamentals



  • October 2015

    GLX established

  • December 2015

    Initial design of platform complete

  • April 2016

    Platform prototype complete and market engagement commences

  • May 2016

    Platform build commences

  • September 2016

    Completion of platform architecture

  • October 2016

    Official launch of GLX

  • November 2016

    Platform trials

  • First Half 2017

    Platform available for live trading

Joining GLX

Membership of GLX is open to companies or partnerships that buy or sell physical cargoes of LNG. You can request to enter the GLX onboarding room and review key documents before deciding whether to apply for membership.